• Upward Social Mobility through code

    Coderise.org is a non-profit that provides upward social mobility to the underprivileged in Latin America through software programming education.

  • About Coderise.org

    Empowering the Underprivileged through Code

    Founded in 2012 Coderise focuses on providing upward social mobility to the underprivileged in Latin America through software programming education.

    We started with our youth program in Medellin in 2012, and since then we've operated programs in Lima, Tegucigalpa, Cartagena, and Popayan. In 2019 we expanded our impact and reach by launching a tuition-free two-year software academy in Bogotá and Medellin through a partnership with Holberton School as well as a program for the internally displaced and refugees with Coder Your Future Colombia.

  • Coderise Programs

    Programs we operate and support.

    Coderise Youth

    Ages 13-18

    Extracurricular 3 days a week, 8 week coding bootcamp for high school students where they learn HTML, CSS and Javascript.

    Holberton School Colombia

    Ages 18+

    Tuition-Free two year software engineering academy where students learn full stack software engineering starting with low-level, high-level programming, dev ops and with specialization in Machine Learning, Low Level Programming, Web Stack or AR/VR.

    Code Your Future

    Ages 18+

    Coding Bootcamp for refugees and local disadvantaged people to become software developers

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    +1 954 442 4990
  • Fundación Coderise

    Acerca de Fundación Coderise

    Fundación Coderise se enfoca en brindar oportunidades de movilidad socioeconómica mediante la educación en desarrollo de software.


    La iniciativa empezó en Medellín con el programa para jóvenes de bachillerato, desde ese entonces Coderise ha operado programas en Lima, Tegucigalpa, Cartagena, y Popayán. En el 2019 Coderise incremento su impacto y alcance lanzando una academia de software en alianza con Holberton School de Silicon Valley y un programa para refugiados y desplazados en Colombia en Alianza con Code Your Future Colombia.




    Coderise Youth

    Programa extracurricular de 8 semanas para jóvenes entre 13-18 años donde aprenden HTML, CSS y JavaScript. Postulate Aquí


    Holberton School

    Academia de Software con un programa de Full-Stack Software Engineering que incluye desarrollo de software de low-level, high-level, dev-ops y especialización en Inteligencia Artificial, Low-Level Programming y Algoritmos, Web Stack, y Realidad Aumentada/Virtual. Disponible en Bogotá y Medellín. Postulate Aquí 


    Code Your Future

    Bootcamp de desarrollo de software para refugiados y desplazados. Disponible en Medellín. Postulate Aquí